Objectives and structure of the course

This module is part of the ‘parcours Neurosciences Cellulaires Intégrées, NCI’ of the Neuroscience specialisation of the Master of Integrative Biology at UPMC. It presents up-to-date knowledge on the neurobiological bases  of information processing at the neural network level. The approach is multidisciplinary: the mechanisms mediating the neural encoding and decoding of sensory information as well as the learning and maintenance of contextual memories are introduced through both experimental and theoretical perspectives. The course consists of a series of lectures focusing on:

  1. Experimental neurobiology

  2. Computational neurobiology

  3. Neuro-robotics

  4. Psychophysics

  5. Neuro-prosthetics

Neural networks: sensory processing

and information representation

UE 5NB04 (2021-2022)

29 Nov - 10 Dec 2021

Master of Integrative Biology

Specialisation in Neuroscience